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April 19, 2018
What do I really get for my monthly licensing fee?

What do I really get for my monthly licensing fee?

There are many Brokers in SWFL that are offering 100% commission compensation for their agents.  So what is in it for the fee…. Is an excellent question!!

I subscribe to the old saying… you get what you pay for! Many Brokers in our area offer a business plan that costs an agent $99 to $125 per month.  What do you get for that fee?  Not much in my opinion.  And, if you do need any services… they are generally extra.

Here at Downing-Frye, we do charge more, but….. We provide state-of-the-art Training, Technology, Broker support, AppFiles, Showing-Time and are members of We consistently close over 3,000 transactions a year and currently have over 1,400 listings. We excel in providing agents strong administrative support…. When you look at all of our competitors, we have the best value for what we charge and what the agent receives!

 To learn more about becoming an agent with Downing-Frye, please contact me.


Shawn Strodoski

Assistant Managing Broker &
Director of Career Development
(239) 261-2244 x700
(239) 330-0845 (cell)

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