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March 12, 2018
The Early Days of Port Royal Florida

The Early Days of Port Royal Florida

Port Royal personifies a luxury neighborhood.  This direct access community has great proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. The deep water canals allow for large boat dockage. The homes in this community are the subject of numerous boat tours. Did you ever wonder how Port Royal got its start?

Port Royal was the vision of a fellow named Glen Sample. Glen was quite the marketer and had a background in advertising. The east coast lifestyle was not what Glen and his wife were looking for so they ventured to the west coast and discovered Naples. They purchased a beachfront lot with the intent of building a home. They also purchase some property at the south end of Naples which was to become part of Port Royal.

In 1948 Glen Sample retired from his advertising agency in the Chicago area. He relocated to Naples and forever changed the Naples landscape. Upon his arrival in Naples, he started purchasing additional parcels at the south end of Naples in the area which was to become Port Royal. When all was said and done, he had assembled several miles of land. This assemblage of land was largely done over a twelve year period. He then went about the business of developing this land using his own personal funds. By 1952, there were less than five homes built in Port Royal.

The Port Royal name interesting enough came from a city in Jamaica.

In 1950, Port Royal lots were selling in the price range of $7,500 to $12,000. The original homes in Port Royal sold for less than $26,000.

The Port Royal project was developed in phases with the first phase completed in 1950 and the last phase completed in 1957.

Glen was an interesting person. He drove a Rolls Royce and had a huge yacht docked outside of his office. Talk about luxury living!

In 1959, Glen developed the Port Royal Beach Club. He financed the project himself for a cost of roughly $1,000,000.

The visionary of Port Royal passed away in 1971 and Naples lost a true influential pioneer.

Today, Port Royal defines luxury living. Glen Sample’s vision has resulted in one of the finest Southwest Florida waterfront communities ever developed.

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