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July 23, 2018
Why different brokerages charge different fees

Why different brokerages charge different fees

I get this question a lot ....why do different brokerages charge different fees?  It all has to do with what commission split as well as the expenses the office has that they want the agents to incur.  Traditional companies notoriously take a percentage of each agent commission per transaction and make their money that way in addition to other fees they have throughout the quarter.

Typical 100% commission brokerages just simply charge a small fee per month and don't offer any additional services.  Basically the agent is just out there on their own.  

At Downing-Frye you may pay a little bit more per month but when you look at the total picture of what you get, we are very competitive if not more competitive than other brokerages because we offer completely free training, broker support, beautiful offices, administrative support, technology, social media and the best tools in the business. For an interview please contact me for a confidential meeting.


Shawn Strodoski

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