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June 25, 2018
Summers in Naples Florida

Summers in Naples Florida

So, what is it like in Naples Florida in the summer? The temperature and humidity might be about what you would see elsewhere in the United States. The big difference is the water temperature. Some say “It feels like I’m in a bathtub.” Suffice it to say, our water temperature is a lot warmer than what you would see on the eastern seaboard. It is not unusual to see the temperature in the eighties close to shore.

Real estate sales in Naples Florida in the summer are usually pretty strong. We get a lot of east coast Floridians vacationing over here as well as international travelers. Many buyers come looking in the summer because they feel that sellers might be a little more negotiable in the summer months. Naples single family sales as well as Naples condo sales are both pretty active in the summer.

Another piece of great news is that it is easier to get into our world class restaurants over the summer months. Reservations, if needed, are easier to come by.

Are 100+ golf courses in southwest Florida are also easier to get tee times in the summer. The cost is very reasonable. I would advise for an early tee time to beat the summer heat.

We have many events in the summer. I usually feel that summer is arriving when we have our Great Dock Canoe Race. This is a local favorite. Our Fourth of July celebrations are spectacular.

Traffic is pretty much a nonevent from June through October.

The landscaping in the summer is at its best. Naples greenery is very lush over the summer months.

Fishing, whether it be backwater or offshore, is definitely better.

I suspect that airfares down here in the summer are better than visiting here over the winter.

All in all, Naples is paradise year round. However, many prefer visiting during the summer months for reasons stated above. Whether it be a stroll down our famous Naples pier, or a walk along the beach by the light of the moon, Naples will not disappoint. Come see what the locals discovered many years ago. We love living here!


Mike Hughes, Vice President

Downing-Frye Realty, Inc.Summers in Naples Florida

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